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    Welcome to Atjewels Rewards Page 


        1. 1. Free Items
        2. Gift Cards 
        3. Additional Discounts 
        4. Preview Sale 
        5. Gifts on the basis of your membership level (OnePlus, iPhones, Bike and Luxury cars)* 
    • You Get 1 Points Every 100 Rs You Spent (Increases upto 8/100 as your membership Upgrades. 
    • Create an account Awarded Points - 250, 
    • Completing profile Awarded Points - 100, 
    • Referring friends Awarded Points - (100X3 = 300), 
    • Liking on Facebook Awarded Points - 25, 
    • Following on Twitter Awarded Points -25, 
    • Following on Instagram Awarded Points - 50, 
    • Sharing on Facebook Awarded Points - 25, 
    • Sharing on Twitter Awarded Points - 25, 
    • Product Reviews Awarded Points - 30

    Membership Level

    • MEMBER
    • SILVER -
    • GOLD 

    Enjoy Gifts Like

    Start It Today and Enjoy Free Diamonds forever Start Referring And Complete your Profile to get your diamond faster click here or copy paste www.atjewels.in/?loyal to signup. Link will open in new window

    terms and conditions apply offers subject to change without prior information.


    Pictures / Screenshots 

    Step 1- Click on Reward VIP to Register or Login 


    Step 2- You can register a new account or Login to your existing account On this Screen 



    Step 3- Create New Account Or Login in your Account it takes less then 1 minute to get you a amazing rewarding Membership Of AT Vip Rewards.

    Create Account Page Screenshot


    Step 4- And you are done enjoy shopping 


    Earning and Redeeming Rewards 

    We Keep Adding New Items Which you can Redeem Like

    Free Diamond

    Mobile Phones


    International Holidays Package 

    National Holidays Package 

    Discount Vouchers 

    Gift Cards

    And Many More These Rewards Keep Changing and Updating From Time To Time. 

    Earning Is Also Very Easy 

    You Get Points in Many Way, Like

    • Making A purchase ( You Earn More As Your Membership Upgrades (from VIP to Silver To Gold To Platinum To Diamond
    • Create an account
    • Completing profile
    • Referring friends
    • Liking on Facebook
    • Following on Twitter
    • Following on Instagram
    • Sharing on Facebook
    • Sharing on Twitter
    • Product Reviews 

    And many other ways which we will keep adding and editing 


    pshhhhh........!!!!  Use Mouse to Select the Text Ahead to know the Secret :) " You Can Collect Unlimited Diamonds by Referring Us to Friends and using those points To Claim unlimited Free Diamond Rewards.Isn't It Just W O W, Keep Referring Keep Shopping


     See The Screenshots Below 



    atjewels Rewards Screenshot

    Atjewels.in Rewards Screenshot 2 One Plus Mobile Phone



    Atjewels.in Earning Rewards 1