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    Crypto Monarch NFT 

    Amazing and simple monarch butterfly with additional 5% NFT Airdrop for the Owners/Holders. Trader Share, Holders Share and Lucky Draw totaling to 3M US$ (3,000,000) And A Discount Voucher Of Minimum 5$ as well given as unlockable content for all NFT owners. Read full description.

    Each new holder or trader who have bought this and hold this will get additional NFT via Airdrop. “Till stock last” (Minimum Quantity of NFT to be sent is 1 so buyer must buy and hold 20 NFT as NFT cannot be sent as fraction) will be rounded off.

    snapshot time 20th of every month till year 2025 or sales of all NFT.
    You can contact us on our telegram Channel for more clarification


    Highest Trader Reward (In Terms Of US$)

    Top 500 traders will share 1000000$ 1 Mil Us$ In


    Holders Reward (In Terms Of Quantity)

    Top 10 Holders will share rewards of 1000000 US$ in form of NFT Airdrop or wallet transfer. (Minimum Quantity to hold is 500)


    Lucky Draw of 1000000 US$ For a lucky one.

    All the Draws of traders, holders and lucky draw winner will be taken out in snapshot date after sales of all NFT.

    Additional Usage As per our contract with other companies the NFT from PremiumNFTs is usable and exchangeable in www.Atjewels.in for online shopping and will be soon integrated as payment mode there and many other websites.

    Anyone can use this NFT as mode of payment or discount.

    Snapshot time - 20 Jan 2025 or 20th of next month from the first hand sales of all original NFTs.

    Elegant 9 Colour Pixelated Monarch Butterfly is Queen of all butterfly.

    1. Metadata freezed

    2. 5$ Discount card of same amount for all owners of promoted website/s. The names of the website will be added in collection description as this part cannot be changed now you can use the same coupon code to redeem your reward on those website as well.

    3. Currently Discount Code link is added and locked and the owner of the NFT can open it and simply click on link which will take you to participating website and opt for discount of 5$. Discount code is the value between / and % in the hyperlink which will be shown when you unlock and you can anytime contact us for the new website confirmation or any confusion in our telegram channel.

    Telegram Link https://t.me/premiumnfts 

    Twitter Link  - https://twitter.com/premiumnftsind


    In case of any confusion or dispute Minter Discretion will be final